As my first project as collaborator to the travel-and-culture website Chicken or Pasta, I visited the Museu de Imagens do Inconsciente (MII), in Rio de Janeiro to produce this original content, which includes writing and documentary photography.

The museum is an important part of Institute Nise da Silveira, a public institute that provides treatment for population with mental disorders. The institute has a significant importance in history of Psychiatry. Named after the Brazilian psychiatric Nise da Silveira, one of Karl Jung’s most notable pupils, the institute is a mile stone on psychotherapy in Brazil and the world.

In opposition to traditional invasive methods, art expression and humanized approach were first put in practice to understand and treat inmates with mental disorders.

On display, the visitor is guided to understand the mind of the artists, some of whom still under treatment, and how their disorders are projected through their art making.

Located in the suburbs of the city, the museum is off the city’s touristic main route.

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